Research Activities - Department of Applied Science and Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Research Activities

Apart from teaching UG/PG students at Saharanpur Campus of IIT Roorkee, the faculty members are involved in doctoral research program having more than thirty five Ph.D. students. Additionally, the faculty also participates as resource person in Short Term Courses and Quality Improvement Program (QIP) related to Basic/ Applied Science and Industry oriented topics. The faculty members, Post- Doctoral and Doctoral Research Scholars are carrying out Fundamental, Applied and Experimental cutting edge research in the following frontal areas:

  1. Energy and Environments: Energy Storage (Li-ion batteries, Supercapacitor, Fuel cell), CO2 Capture
  2. Corrosion and Wear Engineering ( Microbial Corrosion, Nano -composite Coating)
  3. Theoretical Modeling of Electronic Properties of Nanostructures (multilayer-Graphene & Nanoscopic Junctions)
  4. Theoretical aspects of Iron and Copper based High Tc Superconducting Materials
  5. Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-structured Materials & Nano-Chemistry
  6. Boundary Value Problem
  7. Differential Equation (Hyperbolic System of first order equations)
  8. Numerical Methods (Numerical Optimization & Similarity techniques))
  9. Management(Finance)
  10. English (Literature& Communication)

Broad Research Area

Detailed discipline wise research activities in DASE are as follows:



Inorganic and Materials Chemistry, Nanostructure and Nanomaterials, High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) behavior of Mesoporous and Mesostructured Materials, Nanoporous Materials, Carbon Dioxide Capture and Separation


Material Science

Nanomaterials, Material Degradation, Microbial Corrosion, Nanocomposite Coating, Electrochemical studies



Applied Mathematics; Different methods of Solutions to non-linear Partial /functional /fractional Differential equations; Similarity Solutions. Numerical optimization, Operations Research, Soft computing techniques particularly Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Intelligence (Artificial Bee Colony), Differential Evolution, Shock waves, Nonlinearity, Gasdynamics, Solitons, Far field behavior, Blast waves, Implosion, and Piston problem.



Energy Storage, Physics of Strongly Correlated Nanostructures, Materials Engineering) Nanoscience, Nanomaterials for Battery applications, Li-ion battery, , Fuel cells, energy materials, Superconductivity in Iron and Cuprate systems, Theoretical Modelling of Quantum properties of Nanomaterials like multi-layer Graphene and Nanoscopic Josephson Junctions, Solid state properties of Nanostructured Materials, Mossbauer spectroscopy



English literature and other allied subjects of Humanities

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